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Fishing is easy if you know where the fish are.  The hard part is finding the fish.

The same goes for advertising. At Valpak, we’ve made the hard part easy. We’ll help you reach – and catch – your best customers with our advanced consumer targeting that uses unique qualifiers such as location, income and family size.

In short, we’ll help you target your best prospects, and use proven offers and expert ad design to lure them in.

Let us show you how effective our target marketing can be for you.

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It’s much easier to make your advertising work when you can see how it’s working.

At Valpak we’ve helped thousands of businesses track response, measure results and make necessary adjustments to their advertising to continue to bring in new customers. We know your target audience, how to reach them, and how they respond. In short, we’ll help you catch the perfect customers for your business.


We offer highly effective marketing that is both trackable and measurable. After a brief consultation, and before you spend a penny on advertising, let us advise you on the Valpak products that would best fit your needs. Simply complete the form on this page and we will contact you to schedule a consultation with one of our experts at no obligation or cost to you.